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Name:Mr. Trinusa Travel [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Phone Number:62-21-51268381
Address:Jakarta Raya
Jakarta, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Mar. 05, 2013
Last Updated:Jun. 14, 2013
Business Nature:Service of Transportation category

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Company Brief

Tripnusa Travel is a millennial Travel Agent ( founded in 2000s) designed to very efficiently cater those who want a special experience in their travel . Trinusa Travel specialize in serving premium flight tickets and provide professional, exclusive service tailored to selected individuals for that one day to celebrate the joy of life.

Trinusa Travel believe that there are no two identical customers. With pleasure we hope to satisfy every need of our every single guest. From the first time a guest reach us until they arrive safely at their favorite destination, we will provide a luxurious and exclusive experience, so that our guests will not have to lift a finger to enjoy their trip. Each and every customers' problem is unique on their own, our top-of-the-class attendants will always anticipate and look at the minute details to each engagement, just for the sake of our guests' pleasure.

With Trinusa Travel you can have private booking experiences, at home or anywhere you travel. Every engagement with Trinusa Travel is carefully and meticulously designed, thoughtful and full of stories. Our award-winning staffs is always welcoming your next flight booking.

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